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Off topic RANT!

WARNING!!! This is about politics.

I've been awake since 3am, rolling and tossing, upset about where we are in this country. For those of you who've read some of my blog posts or stories you know that I work in real estate. Here we are in the 5th month of the year and all I have to show for my efforts is one house sale and two condo units. The office, as a whole (5 full time agents; four part timers) has sold only six homes and three condo units. In the op-ed section of the newspaper yesterday I read how the country is "on the road to recovery".  BTW: The piece was written by a very pro administration writer. According to him, homes sales are showing a "positive trend". Well, it certainly isn't in this area. Last year, when things were, supposedly, at their worst, the company sold five houses in April. There are over 2000 homes listed (and that doesn't include the foreclosures the banks are holding and selling through "short sales") in the office zip code and only 70 homes (and condo units) were sold in April. In 2008 there were 112 homes sold. I am so sick of the propaganda the administration keeps pumping out AND, please note, I'm NOT a "Tea Party" advocatte OR a Republican. I'm registered as an Independant and, I hate to admit it now, voted for Obama. I bought into his "CHANGE" propaganda. But what did we get for "change" but a whole raft of Washington, tried and true, old line politicians, starting with his running mate, Biden. I should've known better when I saw that but I wanted all of Bush's cronies out of there. But when I saw his cabinet was being made up of all these "retreads" ( Summers, Emanuel, et al.) I was sure we (the country) were in trouble. It ended up that Obama wasn't in charge... it was Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who were calling all the shots and look what we got. Billions and billions of dollars spent with, basically, nothing in return. Our area is still waiting for the "trickle down effect" to reach us. One of my friends owns a small construction company. In 2008 he did over 4 million worth of work. So far this year he's done less than $500,000. His cash flow is non existent so some of his equipment was repossed which meant he couldn't do a complete job which means he had to lay off workers which adds to the unemployment problem. Two of the part timers in the office have husbands who haven't had a job in over two years which means they aren't on the unemplyment rolls any more. I'd like to know just how many people are really unemployed and not the manipulated figures we get from the administration. It's time to throw ALL incumbents out of office, regardless of party affiliation. In our local government, the city council is made up of nine people. Eight of them have been in office for 7 years or more. Nothing changes. It's "same ole, same ole" year in and year out. State govenrment is almost as bad, and, in the case of both the senate and house, the leaders of both have been in office for all of the 20 years I've lived here. Nothing changes! Like I said before, I'm not a "Tea Party" advocate. The ONLY thing I agree with them is to get rid of the incumbents and to put in some new blood!

Sorry for the diatribe... but i had to get it off my chest. Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Catching up...

I can't believe that it's been a month since I've posted. It doesn't seem all that long. However, I have been busy and each time I come here I say I'll come back later but never seem to do it. I do check in almost every day but it ususally when I'm headed out or to bed.

Today was not a good day for me. I suffer from alergies and this Spring the pollen count in this area has broken records. That's not good! I take prescription medication for them and, for the most part it does help. But late last week I picked up a sinus infection to go along with the allergies which makes it doubly tough on me. I can put up with the watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose but the headaches can be a little much. I woke up this morning around 2am and my head was pounding. The sinus area above my nose felt like it was going to explode. Here in my community we have a Health Group with a Nurse practicioner and I've gone to her in the past. The problem is that the office doesn't open until 9am. By then I wanted to die. She has some kind of pills with caffein in them and told me to take them with Pepsi. Whatever it is it works as far as the pain goes but it leaves me feeling somewhat light headed. Since I got hardly any sleep last night I decided to call in sick for the whole day and proceeded to sleep from around 10:30 this morning until 4 pm this afternoon. I still wasn't ready for doing a lot so decided to go on-line and to have some fun here at EP. I signed up for more experiences and added a few more people to my circle. I hadn't checked here at my blog in a while so when I did I figured why not post something.

For the first time today I'm actually hungry so will now go feed my face. I also feel good enough to go wet my panties (I only have on a sleep shirt and panties). I'll probably just pee while hovering over the toilet and then enjoy the warm wetness whil fixing my supper (left over chicken). I do have another experience to tell about but haven't made up my mind as to where I'll post it. I may decide to post it here so check back in a day or two.

A wonderful, wet day!

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A contract... finally!

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An exciting evening...

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Thirteen hours...

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A diaper surprise...

A while back I wrote about how the owner of the company I work for (real estate) had purchased a number of  condo units and basically put me in charge of sales. Well... business has been underwhelming (we've sold only one out of sixteen). Before Christmas I showed one of the units to a nurse and her boyfriend. They were really interested and I thought I might have a sale. But, the banks said they didn't qualify for a loan. The nurse got back to me to see if there was any way they could rent the unit until, hopefully, they could qualify. I asked the owner and he said he'd think about it. Over the weekend he told me that he'd give it a try as rentals would provide some cash flow. I called the nurse and she was really excited. Paperwork wise, we weren't really prepared for rentals in this project so, just to get something in writing I drew up a general contract. She said she'd be right over. It was past closing time when she got there. She was still excited when she got there and I was anxious to get home. There were a number of papers for her to sign and somehow I neglected to get her signature on all of them. Fortunately I noticed before she drove off and I flagged her down. It was cold out and the wind was blowing like crazy so she had me get in her car. As I opened the door I happened to notice a package in the back seat that had a familiar look. It was a package of Depend fitted briefs.

As a diaper wearer (at times) that was really exciting to me. It was one of those moments where I had to be careful of what I said and how i said it. Of course the most important thing was to get her signature on the document. Originally I'd intended to just get the signatre and to be on my way but seeing that package changed everything.

Over the years I've observed any number of people, male and female buying all kinds of "protection". I've only known or recognized a couple of them and, for the most part, had an idea why (Elderly person in their family). I knew that this could be the same situation except for one telltale thing... the package had been opened and there was one diaper pulled part way out.

After she had signed the paper I was scrambling to think of something to say that would/could lead to some conversation about the package in the back seat. I just couldn't. It really made me mad. I opened the car door and saw the light come on and just wanted to take another look before I closed the door. Once out of the car I bent over and turned towards her but looked right into the back seat. If I were to guess it was no more than two or three seconds. But there was no way that she could miss seeing exactly where I was looking. When I turned to her to say "good night" I'm almost sure she was blushing.

I know she lives in a rented room not far from the hospital. If the diapers were for someone else... who could they be for? Her boyfriend? I've thought about it a lot since that night and I've tried to think of someway to bring the subject up with her when we turn the unit over to her but I haven't been able to think of anything. Damn!


I really hadn’t planned on going away for Christmas. However, the 20“ of snow we had the Saturday before Christmas really put a crimp into what was already a pretty weak real estate market. We opened the office on Monday and didn’t see even one customer and only had calls from people who wanted to know if we were open (and that was all!).Over 40% of the homes we have listed are unoccupied and there was no way they were going to get plowed out so even if someone did walk in those houses couldn’t be shown. So... since I hadn’t taken any time off in I don’t know how long I got the idea to go home to make my mother happy. I didn’t fully make up my mind until I went to bed Wednesday night.

My mother still doesn’t know about my proclivity for wetting so I knew that I’d have to pretty much curtail my activities. When packing I didn’t pack much in the way of supplies or an overly large amount of panties. However, since I was driving and there are NO convenient places to find a restroom while driving around the city it made perfect sense to wear a diaper for the trip.

I got up around 7am, showered and dressed planning on leaving around 8am. I waited to put the diaper on (over my usual 3 panties) until I was just about to leave and used the toilet for one last time. I’ve done this trip enough to know that the halfway point in the trip is a very nice (and clean) truck stop. I can make it in about 2 1/2 hours when there is no traffic and there was none. I deliberately avoided drinking more than I needed to get my meds down (I had {and still do} a sinus infection). Two plus hours is usually my ”limit“ and when I got out of the car to pump my gas I was still dry... but not for long. I chalked it up to the cold air as I ”dribbled” when the gas began to flow into the tank. At that point I said “what the hell” and just relaxed. It didn’t feel like all that much and with the Molicare with a Serenity/Tena “ultimate” pad in it I was fine with it. I went inside to get a hot chocolate before heading out.

I don’t care what time of day you are driving there is always traffic around the city. There was only one slow spot and it was when traffic started moving again that I let myself relax. I don’t like peeing while sitting, with or without a diaper, but I really didn’t have a choice. I’ll admit that the warmth felt really good. I arrived in my parents driveway exactly 6 hours after I left here... a good time. It was a little over and hour since I last peed so I knew I didn’t have to go. Because of the cold I’d worn a pair of knit pants. They aren’t the best for hiding a diaper but I was aware of the fact so was prepared for the greeting with my mother. As I anticipated, she was so excited to see me that I don’t think she ever looked below my face.

After exchanging hugs and greetings I decided to go check on the diaper. I was positive it wasn’t all that wet but just to be sure I did. I was right. Very little pee had even made it to the diaper and most of it had been absorbed by the pad. Even though I was a bit concerned walking around with in on in the presence of my mother I decided to leave it on. I guess my thinking was “why waste a perfectly good diaper”.

My family is very active in the church and, traditionally, invites three or four couples to have a small buffet with them. They all go to the late Christmas eve service and, knowing that, I’d brought an appropriate dress to wear. Originally I was going to change out of the diaper when I changed into it but, even though I'd peed twice since arriving home, it still wasn’t anywhere near full. I looked at myself in the mirror and there was no way anyone would know so I left it on.

The one thing I did do in deference to the wearing of the diaper was not to sit down as we all ate. I “mingled” talking to all the others. I knew most of them as some of their children went to school with me. I was standing in front of two of the men talking “real estate” when I decided it would be a good time to pee. I couldn’t help but smile as I felt the nice warmth between my legs and one of the men asked what was so funny. He caught me by surprise and I don’t remember what I said. As I thought about it later I realized that I could’ve embarrassed myself in a different way.

I went upstairs just before we were leaving for church, basically to change out of the diaper. One problem that I always have when wearing a skirt or dress with a diaper is that when it get full and heavy it has a tendency to slide down a bit on my hips. I could feel that it had moved down and thought that it might be time to change out of it. But, when I pulled it down it seemed like it could take at least one more wetting. I did pee on the toilet (through my panties which were wet all the way up to the waist elastic) before I pulled it up tight and refastened the waist tapes... and headed off to church.

The service was usually about an hour. From the time we left home for church until it was over it was over 2 hours since I’d last peed. As we were filing out I could feel the “dribble” and knew it was only a matter of seconds before the rest would come. Timing is everything. When we were saying good night to the minister was when the “dam” burst. I’d never met him and my mother was in the process of introducing me and telling him about how I used to teach Sunday school when it did. I’d avoided drinking much in the way of liquids for over 24 hours until the buffet. Since I have a small bladder capacity a “flood” for me lasts maybe 20 seconds. It seemed like a minute or more and I definitely could feel it pooling between my legs. It was the first time in a long time that I thought I might have a diaper leak. When I was finally able to escape from him and went down the stairs I knew I had a real problem. I knew as soon as I sat down in my father’s car that the diaper would leak. Even though it was cold out (about 25 degrees) my inner thighs were nice and warm as they rubbed against the now fully filled diaper.

I had two options. One was to go back inside and down to the restroom and to strip out of the diaper and my panties and go home “commando”. I didn’t really like that idea because I didn’t really want to dispose of the panties I was wearing. The other option was to go back inside and hope to find a plastic bag of some kind to sit on. That made the most sense since if one wasn’t available I could always do the other.

I told my parents that I really had to use the toilet so they went to the car to get it warm. I went downstairs and rummaged about the kitchen hoping to find an empty trash bag. All I found was a shopping bag from Target. I had hoped to find one a bit bigger but beggars can’t be choosy. I went into the restroom, pulled my dress hem up and put the bag around my butt as best I could. It wasn’t fun walking back to the car while trying to keep it from falling down. When I got to the car I didn’t have any choice. All I could do was to hope that the bag was still in place.

When we got back home I pretended to be looking for something In my handbag as my parents exited the car. With the open door sort of shielding me I stepped out... and pulled the bag down. As I looked at the seat I could see a small spot about the size of a large egg. Not good but certainly better that it might’ve been.

All I can say was it was a really nice, wet day. I enjoyed myself immensely and didn’t embarrass myself either. I look back on it as a Christmas present to myself.

Confessions of a "wannabe" actress...

I still can’t believe I said “yes” when asked to participate in our community play. I’ve never done anything on a stage going all the way back to grade school. I guess I can blame it on the fact that I have a hard time saying “no”, especially when the person asking is a good “salesman”. In any case, I did so here’s the story...

Like I said in my previous post, the man who asked me along with his wife wrote a musical “spoof“, vaguely based on an old play called Pajama Game (also a movie). It centers around a factory and some labor problems with the workers. I was asked to fill the role of one of the factory workers to replace a lady who had some medical problems. At the time I was asked the play had been in practice for two months and there was only a little over two weeks until the first show. I was able to do it basically because I only had one line to speak with the rest of my stage time just filling up space.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with my ”problem“ (need access to a toilet approx. every two hours) the facilities and the pace of the show appeared to provide me with enough opportunities to meet my ”needs“. I felt confident that I would not be in jeopardy of embarrassing myself (at least in that way) in front of a whole bunch of people that I know. So, with the encouragement of the writers/directors and the knowlege that I would be able to handle my ”problem“ I attended my first rehersal.

As I said, they had been practicing for quite a while and wre only a week away from opening night. The show was scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for two consecutive weekends. My first few practices went well. They were without costumes so when the costumes were actually handed out It was a bit of a shock to all of us who had roles as workers. They were a one size fits all, white, jumpsuit made of... paper! We thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. There were any number of problems not the least of which was the various sizes of the people who were to wear them. They ranged in size from a man, 6’4” and roughly 240lbs to a lady who was barely 5’ tall and about 95lbs. After a “pow-wow” with all the people who were suposed to wear them the directors told us we were free to alter them any way that would suit us to make them fit better. A few of the ladies volunteered to do the sewing but I decided to do my own. The second problem was that theywere only a shade more opaque than tissue paper. The director’s wife was horrified when she realized it. She immediately told us all to wear a white top and white shorts under the costume. In a way I was disappointed. I thought it would’ve been a nice touch for all of us to be wandering around, on stage, in little more than our underwear. :-)

That Wednesday, the ladies dressing room was a circus as we got into our costumes. The kindest thing I can say is that we looked like clones of the Pillsbury dough boy. It was possible to easily alter the sides but the length was a bit of a problem. I discovered that I could tuck the excess material under the built in elastic around the waist and by wearing a colorful sash could hide the “spare tire” that was created. We decided to work in pairs to expedite the process. The director liked the sash as it was a way to add color to the blandness of the costumes so suggested that the rest of the ladies do the same and, if possible, add something colorful around our necks.

We were told to do it as “tightly” as possible meaning getting costumes changed and on stage in time for the cues. Since I didn’t have a costume change I had a fair amount of free time which meant I didn’t have to worry about bathroom breaks... until I decided to go for the first time with my costume on. I really hadn’t given it a thought but when I went into the ladies room I realized I actually had to get almost fully undressed. The costume was one piece and had to be taken off to below the waist so as to get the shorts and panties down. Wahst a process! All i thought about wasthat it was agood thing I hadn’t dribbled before walking in there as I would have completely wet myself as well as the costume.

Since some of the other “workers” had multiple parts I didn’t get a chance to warn all of them about the possible disaster awaiting them should they really have to go and in a hurry. During the second act I noticed that Mary wasn’t on stage. I later found out that she didn’t make it. I didn’t see her as she went home to change and never came back. After the show I expalined to everyone what I’d discovered and suggested that those of us ensconced in the jump suits plan their bathroom visists accordingly for the rest of the show.

Opening night went surprisingly well. The “worker” ladies set up a mini schedule for their bathroom visits and the other ladies made sure not to interfere with it. My partner for the costume “stuffing“ was Alexsis, the 5’, 98lb woman I mentioned before. We ended up ”stuffing“ each other and doing each others make up. I’d seen her around the community but didn’t really know her. We became good friends right away.

There were no ”disasters“ for the first three shows. There were no practices (thank goodness!) until Thursday of the second week and that one was without cosutmes. For the Friday night show I reminded the ”workers“ again and hoped everything would go well. Other that a few missed cues and lines it was a good performance. By then I was getting more comforatble being in front of about 175 people each night. At least I never missed my one line.

Saturday was an incredibly busy day for me. We had an open house at the condo complex that the owner of the real eastate firm that I work for had just purchased. It was supposed to be from 10am to 4pm but there were still people around when it was time to close it down. In a bad economy like we have, especially in real estate, you don’t chase possible customers away. I was fianlly able to leave around 6pm. I was supposed to be at the show for a cast call at that time but was able to reach the director to explain that i’d be late. All I’d had to eat were the ”nibbles“ we had spread around for the visitors and I knew I had to get something into my tummy before going on stage so I stopped at the supermarket for a ready made sandwich. By the time I got to the dressing room everybody was in costume and made up. But, there was a problem. One of the ”worker“ ladies hadn’t yet shown up and nobody had heard from her. The problem was that she , like me, had one line to speak and hers was a critical one. The director looked right at me said I’d had a nice clear voice so he wanted me to do her line as well. Here I was, not in costume and not made up and now I’ve got to learn another line and find out just when I was to speak it. More stress!

I’d used the toilet at the condo complex just before I left. I’m going to say that because I was so preoccupied with trying to learn my line that I failed to think about using the toilet before putting on my costume. With my added line it meant I was on stage a lot longer than I’d been in all the previous shows. That meant my nice casual ”window“ to use the toilet was reduced and when intermission came it was just about two hours since I’d last gone. It also meant that I would need to go and would have to squeeze in line for the ladies room out of turn. By the time I got to the toilet I was already half undressed and just made it. Actually, I didn’t. I did my usual ”dribbles but that was all. Having the shorts on helped and with the baggy costume I wasn’t worried about the wetness showing through.

While on stage for the last scene and watching the other cast menbers taking their bows I got this wonderfully wicked idea. I’d not worn any protection, at all, for all the dress rehersals and shows becuse I felt I’d have adquate time to get to the bathroom without creating a problem for myself. But I thought that maybe I’d wear a pull-up for the last show... and use it when taking my bow. With approximately 200 people in attendance that would make it the most people that I’d ever wet myself in front of. I don’t know how to put into words just how excited I got standing there thinking about it.

I won’t say I became obsessed with the idea but I’ll admit that I lay in bed that night  for a long time thinking of just how I’d do it. I still hadn’t come up with a final plan when I left for work on Sunday. The open house was not as busy as it had been on Saturday. That was good in the sense that I was able to leave on time and to get a decent meal before reporting for the cast call. But, it was bad in the sense that I had too much time to think about it and found myself having doubts.

Believe it or not it came down to a coin toss. My father gave me a real silver dollar when I graduated from college. I’ve kept it in my jewelery box and have used it many times to help me make some tough decisions. I pulled it out and decided that if it came up heads that I’d put the pull-up on and at least be prepared. I flipped it in the air and when it landed it ended up rolling under the bed. I had to lie on the floor to get it and when I saw that it was heads I didn’t hesitate at all. I alredy had on three pairs of panties so just slipped one on and then put a pair of satin finish panties that have some Lycra in them to at least cover the “dimples” that are in the pull-up. Then I put on the shorts and even though they’re white I really couldn’t tell that I had the pull-up on.

I know it was because I was nervous about what I was planning on doing but it seemed like the play took much longer on this night. I used the toilet at around 7:15pm and with the show usually over in two hours I figured it would be just about perfect timing. I was praying that I would “last” until the end of the show. Finally... the last song and then the cast began to take their bows. I was so nervous about what I was planning on doing that when I wanted to start peeing I couldn’t. I remember thinking “DAMN!” as I started walking towards the front of the stage but halfway there I felt that wonderful warmth that love so much. As I took my bow I could feel my pee flooding my privates. I had to take about four steps to my left to wait for the last of the “worker” ladies to take her bow so that we would all walk off together. I was still peeing when we walked down the stairs to the floor level. It wasn’t until we stopped that it came to me that I’d actually done it... wet myself infront of all these people. It was almost overwhelming. As I stood there waiting for the directors to take their bows my knees were actually shaking.

It wasn’t over there. We were all encouraged to go out and meet and greet the audience. I saw a few people I recognized and started towards them. As I did I realized that the pull-up had leaked and there was pee running down my inner legs. But I was already there with people all around and was pretty much trapped. So, I mingled with the audience for about 10 minutes just hoping that the pee that had run down my legs wasn’t too noticable. I could feel the paper costume sticking to my inner legs. But, through the years I’ve learned that if you just act normally and don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself you can get away with situations like this. I got lucky with my castmates in that most of them were with family and friends when I went back into the dressing room. When I walked in I was talking to the only lady there and she looked right at my face the whole time. I grabbed my coat and just let it hang casually down in front of the “damage” as i continued talking and backed out of the room.

I was still excited when I got home and to celebrate... well I won’t go into details but I think you know. :-)

Catching up...

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 6 weeks since I posted to this blog. It’s been a wild ride for me between work, getting sick and getting involved in something I never thought I’d associated with.

The owner of the real estate firm I work for ended up being the high bidder on a medium rise condo complex that had gone into bankruptcy. He ended up with 16 units that hadn’t been sold. When originally offered they sold at prices from $300,000 to over $500,000 and he got them at an average price of $175,000. In any case I was selected to be in charge of marketing them. I really wasn’t prepared for it and if I wasn’t stressed when he told me I surely was when I found out what was entailed in the job. The next 10 days went by so fast that I had a hard time keeping up with what day of the week it was. If you’ve read my stories you know that I have a window of about 2 to 2 1/2 hours between visits to the toilet. Because I ended up getting so involved with my work I ended up having to start out the day wearing a pull-up. As much as I like to be wet I hafta tell you that there were times during those 10 days I would’ve paid a fair sum to be more “normal”. (I got over it quickly!) In any case, I was putting in 15 hour days and because I was so stredded, didn’t sleep all that well. I really didn’t have time for EP except to log in to take a peek... certainly not enough time to write. The marketing program kicked off on October 20th and most of the pressure was off. Before I knew it I was sick. It was definitely not the swine flu.

Being sick:
When it started I thought it was a cold. I didn’t feel all that bad... no fever or anything to keep me from work. But the congestion in my head kept me from sleeping and on top of the stress from the previous two weeks that wasn’t good. I hate taking over the counter meds. I end up with restions to them so went to one of those Minit Clinics at CVS. They prescribed some stuff to break up the congestion and after a few days I felt better but the congestion moved to my chest. More stuff to take. I didn’t miss any time at work but I should have. Almost two weeks of not feeling well and no sales... :-(

Getting involved:
I’ve remained fairly close with some of the people who I steered to the community where I live. I’ve never gotten into community activities... a lot of reasons. One of the couples had a theatrical background and started a drama club and over the past few years they have produced and directed a couple of musicals. I happened to run into the husband at the Minit Clinic... and I still can’t believe it...  and he talked me into being in his latest creation. The fact that I’ve NEVER done ANYTHING on a stage didn’t deter him. But what makes my decision the most bizarre is that it was only a week before the first performance. I only had one short speaking line but was on stage about 25% of the time. There were six performances over two weekends and by the end I was fairly comfortable. But I had one incredible experience on stage that I’ll write about in my next post here.

In my last post I said I’d tell you if Joy actually “used” the pull-up I gave her. She did... but not on purpose like I’d suggested. If you read between the lines in what I’ve written above you can see why I wasn’t able to get together with her. I haven’t line danced since the first week in October (but I plan to tomorrow night) and didn’t know Joy well enough to call her up to ask. So, it was by chance that I got the answer. As I had said, she and her husband are line dance partners and just this Summer started teaching line dancing in the area. But they do travel to various venues to dance and sometimes are asked to perform. When I was dancing on a regular basis I had some nice Western style clothes. I got rid of most of them but I kept this really pretty skirt and I told Joy’s husband. A couple of weeks ago they were going to Tennessee for a dance weekend and he told Joy to call and ask if she could borrow it. We arranged a convenient time for her to come over and get it and that’s when I was able to ask. Having said all that... Joy decided that was a little too radical to just go ahead and pee in the pull-up but decided that, just to be safe, she would wear it over her panties. That way if nothing happend she could wear it again. She said it was on the third day that she “gushed” again... and was very glad she had it on. She stopped and bought a package on her way home. I was able to “extract” from her that she wears one every day... and over her panties. So, I guess you could say we have another “panty wetter” out there. :-) 

All about Joy...

It took far longer han I’d hoped to get together with Joy. (See my previous blog entry) Even though I felt she was OK with sharing her “problem” with me when we left the class it turned out that she was apprehensive about giving out details. We saw each other at the next dance class and she pretty much avoided me. I did get to talk to her husband about the class and my continuing participation in it and he suggested that we get together at his house over the weekend. I really wasn’t thinking about Joy when I made the date so when I arrived and he wasn’t there it was just the two of us.

I decided to take the lead and told her that I didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable when I’d spoken to her that night. She looked down as I apologized but without looking up at me said that it was OK and that she hadn’t realized that anyone had noticed. I hesitated in my response but decided to go ahead and give her my background. I won’t repeat it here but when I told her that I’d gone through school with an incontinence problem she let out an audible “OH MY!“. But it was enough to get her started.

She had a bedwetting problem until puberty, just the opposite of me. The only wetting problems she experienced in her school days was when she had too much to drink. She got married right after High School and by the time she was 21 had two children. She had some problems with the second one and did experience some wetting problems following the birth. There was a problem with the marriage that she didn’t go into but she said that during the divorce proceedings she found herself very stressed. She didn’t say it but from what she said I read her as being severely depressed. One of the symptoms was that when she felt particularly stressed she found that she would end up wetting herself. She didn’t dwell on it and I didn’t pursue it.

When things got back to being more ”normal“ the wetting went away. Eventually her two kids moved away and she ended up meeting her present husband. She said that it was the happiest time of her life. They got married and eventually moved here. But, about a year and a half ago she found herself ”leaking“ more and more. She said it started randomly and has gradually gotten worse. At first it was maybe a couple of times a month. By the end of the Summer it was almost every day. But, it wasn’t all that much so she handled it by using pads. Then, in the middle of September she had her first ”gush“ (her term) and the pad she was wearing couldn’t hold it. It was at work and since she lives only minutes away she was able to go home to change. She went almost two weeks before the next ”gush“ which happened to be the night I saw her.

Knowing how embarrassed she was in just talking to me about her situation I didn’t want to torture her with questions. I sort of changed the subject by asking her if she had ever considered pull-ups. It’s sort of funny in writing this because she really didn’t know what I was talking about. I know I was smiling when I told her that when I showed her my backside that night in the storage room I was showing her a pull-up. She laughed and thought I had on a diaper and went on to say that was something that she wanted no part of.

I decided that I wouldn’t show her that I was wearing one again but, if you’ve read some of my stories you know I keep a spare in the bag I carry with me. I reached down and pulled one out to show just what they look like. I wear a Tena/Serenity medium with the highest capacity and I can attest that they do hold a lot. It was fun to watch her expression as she looked it over. She couldn’t believe that it could hold a bladder full of pee. But the thing I stressed was that no one would ever know she was wearing one. She questioned about the ”waffle“ weave of the top part and I told her that she could always wear a pair of panties over them if she thought it might show. I also pointed out that there was a leak guard that would prevent what had happened to her that night at dance class. She seemed very interested.

Her husband had called during our talk to say he’d be late which turned out to be very convenient. I told her to keep the pull-up and try it out. She said she never knew when it was going to happen and I took that as a cue and told her to just put it on and when she felt she had to go to just use it. That it would be a good test. She gave me one of those ”you’ve got to be kidding“ looks but I told her that I was dead serious.

So that’s where I left it as of last Saturday. There’s class tonight so maybe I’ll have some ”juicy“ news. :-)

Another sighting...

... and it proved to be a good one... at least I hope so.

Before I moved here and got into real estate I used to do some line dancing. Actually, it was quite a lot. I went to Nashville and was on TV (for about 30 seconds) when the Nashville Network was still around. I had a dance partner (male) but we were just friends. When I moved he got another partner and because there wasn't any local line dance activity I gave it up. I did keep in contact with him around Christmas time and 3 years ago he contacted me to say he was moving into my area and could I help him find a house. He had married his partner and she had gotten a job with State government. Of course I said "yes" and when they moved nearby re-established the friendship. Last Summer he decided to try and get a group together to teach them line dancing. He and his wife were going to do the teaching. He wanted me to join them but with the economy turning around (at least that's what they say on TV) and our office still short handed I declined. About a month ago, Joy, his wife broke her foot. They had everything set to go and about 15 interested people when it happened. He called me up and pleaded with me to help them out for a few weeks until Joy could actually dance (she has a walking boot). Old softie me agreed.

Last night was the third class and by then I found I was back to enjoying myself. I had gotten to know Joy and found we had some things in common. She's about 5 years older than me but is in really good shape. As the evening was coming to an end she started cleaning up the refreshment table. She'd been sitting most of the time and I wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't stumble while carrying the punch bowl. But, what I saw completely took my attention from the dance we'd be doing. Joy had the bowl in her hands and was walking into the kitchen and as I looked at her I saw a dark circle on each of her butt cheeks. One was the size of an orange and the other a lemon. There is no other explanation for them other than she was wearing some sort of "protection" and it leaked. I know from experience. I kept an eye on the door for her return and when she did she made sure she kept her back facing the walls and not the dance floor. I also watched as she kept running her hands over the spots, another tell tale sign.

As the students left I offered to help her put the tables back where they belong and she continued to face me, never turning her back. In a way it was sadly funny. There is a storage cabinet in a closet down the hall and she loaded their things onto a little cart with wheels and, still making sure her back could not be seen, backed down the hall. I talked with a few of the laggard students as Joy's husband loaded their sound equipment into their car. Since she hadn't returned by the time the last student left I headed down the hall to make sure she was OK. It was easy to see that she wasn't expecting to see anyone because when she saw me she blushed bright pink. I asked if everything was alright and she hesitated for a second and then looked down at the floor. I really did feel sorry for her. I guess you could call it a moment of weakness for me because I reached out to her and siad something like "I know how you feel". That shocked her and I wished that I hadn't said it. She was looking at me like I'd attacked her or something. The only thing I could think of to do was to turn my backside towards her, pull my top up above the waist of my slacks and to pull the waist band down,

As usual, I was wearing 3 pair of panties but I was also wearing a Serenity/Tena pull-up over them. I knew she would be able to see it, I tried to see the look on her face but I really couldn't but I did hear her go "OH!". Within seconds her husband appered and I didn't know what would happen then. But she reacted quickly by telling her husband she was going to use the bathroom. He retreated down the hall and the two of us headed for the ladies room.

Basically all we exchanged was the fact that we both had "problems". I asked her to please not say anything to anybody, especially her husband as I've known him for more than 15 years. She said she wouldn't and asked that I not say anything to anybody either. But, I'm almost positive that no one either of us knows will ever read this.

The way we left it was that we'd get together sometime before next Wednesday. I'm not sure just how much I'll tell her about me since I'm almost positive that she's certailnly not into wetting on purpose. But I'm really interested in hearing her story.


Busy, busy, busy!

’ve been really busy both at work and on my own time... which is good. Last Friday I got a commission check ( a real rarity for the past year or so) which has taken the pressure off me, financially, at least for a while. Hopefully, things are getting better all around.
The owner of the agency where I work out of really believes in community participation which translates into my being involved in civic events. My role is not as a participant, (thank goodness!) but as a support person. In the past two weeks I’ve been involved in helping out at a 10k run and a 40 mile bicycle run (different than a race) for charity. At the latter one I got to see something I’m always looking for... someone in a pull-up.

One of the ladies in our agency used to be an avid cycler with her husband until her kids came along. However, her husband is still very active and has encouraged her to participate in events like the one I mentioned above. In our area there are two each year with one on Memorial Day weekend and the other over Labor Day weekend. This past weekend was the first one for her in many years and since the owner of the agency supports the charity they were riding for (Habitat for Humanity) he encouraged the rest of us to support our co-worker and to help out in the running of the event. Three of us did and I ended up working at the end of the run, handling out cold water and collecting the numbers that the participants wore for identification. For some it was an easy ride and for others a bit of a struggle. My co-worker fell into the latter category but she did finish. There was another lady who she sort of teamed up with so they could encourage each other. When they finished I chatted with them both and then collected their numbers. The other lady then started dismantling her bike and as she bent over to undo the locking gizmo for her front wheel I saw something white appear between her bike shorts and top. I took a few steps back towards her to take a better look and I was rewarded in that I saw the familiar “ruffle” of a pull-up type diaper. Then, as she took the wheel completely off I could see a “bunching“ in her crotch area also indicative of a ”pull-up“. I was a bit more than intrigued but didn’t have anything to say that would’ve/could/ve gotten into a conversation to find out why she was wearing. I’ll admit I continued to follow her for a bit until I had to go do some ”cleaning up”

I was excited that I’d seen what I’d seen but disappointed that I couldn’t explore the reason. As a person who had wetting issues (and still do to a degree) I have empathy for any one who does. I thought the matter was over when I left and headed for home. Yesteday, I had to go to my fellow agent’s house to return some things that I’d borrowed. I only expected to stay for a quick minute but we got to chatting about the run. I swear I didn’t plan it but I ended up asking her what riders did when they had to go to the bathroom. She laughed and said that if I’d gotten close to her after the race I’d know the answer. It took a second or two for me to grasp what she said and then I laughed and said something like “You didn’t!”. She just shook her head affirmatively but then asked if I remembered the lady who had finished with her. I did because she was the one wearing a “pull-up”. She then told me that the lady had told her that she always wore “protection” when she rode. My co-worker said that she would do the same if she participated in the future.

I honestly debated with myself as to telling her about me but decided against it. I’d have to have a bit more shown interest in wetting before I think I’d tell anyone about my own interest.
About a month ago some friends from back home were in the area and persuaded me to “show them the sights“. Even though it meant giving up an afternoon at the office and meeting any potential walk in buyers, I did. I am an inveterate ”people watcher“, not just for their groin and bottom areas.  I’ve seen a few ”interesting“ things over time and have found that sightings seem to come in bunches. I can concentrate better when alone but when I think I see a ”hit“ when I’m with people I can still focus in on the ”target“. We did a walking tour of one of the local historical sites and then purchased hot dogs from a street vendor. There is a small park with a low stone wall boardering it that, primarily during lunch hour, becomes a bench for a lot of people. There are benches just across the street and that’s where we were lucky enough to land there. If there’s one thing that I’m good at is to be able to notice when people seem nervous, especially when they are alone. There was a middle aged woman who was sitting on the wall who kept looking from side to side. At first I thought she was looking for someone. As the others around her started to leave she made an abortive attempt to get up but seeing some people approaching from both sides of her sat back down. She was wearing a pair of dark gray slacks and a cap sleeved top... nothing out of the ordinary. My friends were about finished and I got up in anticipation of them rising. As I did I saw the woman walking away from us. She wasn’t rushing or doing anything to bring attention to her. I just figured that she was a nervous type. Then I looked across the street to where she had been sitting and saw a very tell tale sign of what had been going on. The wall was wet where she was seated and I could see a dark line running down the wall to the ground. I just wish I’d seen it sooner so that I could’ve, possibly, followed her to see the ”damage“.
I recently wrote about a trip to the movies when I saw the result of a girl wetting herself during the movie. Look for it at "I Enjoy Watching Others Wet Themselves"
As I said, sightings seem to come in bunches.
I’ve run out of time...  

Bonnie... Some last thoughts

I flew home last Friday even though the funeral wasn’t until Saturday. I wanted to have a few minutes alone with Bonnie’s parents, especially her mother. It was good. We reminisced about some of the good times. I was somewhat surprised when she brought up some things that I didn’t realize she knew about. It just goes to show that mothers sometimes do know almost everything.

One was about the time that Bonnie asked me if she could wear one of my diapers. She was 16 and I was 15 at the time. It was the first time I’d ever slept over at her house and it was also the first time Bonnie had been left at home alone without her parents. As I mentioned, our fathers worked together and were also friends. They had to attend a conference and were encouraged to take our mothers with them. Bonnie had to battle to be left alone although her grandmother lived only a short distance away. Even though Bonnie knew about my ”problem“ she’d never seen me in a diaper and as much as I liked her I was still uncomfortable with the prospect of it. Bonnie had a double bed and invited me to join her. I’d never slept with anyone and with my wetting problem, had no desire to do so. We ended up sleeping in the guest room which had twin beds. I took my things and changed in the bathroom. It was obvious when I returned that I had a diaper on and I was embarrassed. Bonnie saw it and the first thing she did was to ask to see one of my diapers. I asked her why and she said something like ”...because...“. Reluctantly I got one out of my suitcase and showed it to her. Back then they were really bulky. After holding it and feeling it she said she wanted to put it on. She was wearing a shortie nightgown and panties and proceeded to hand it to me to help her put it on. I really wasn’t ready for that so I told her what to do. She put it on over her panties and I thought she’d take it right off but she didn’t. I don’t remember what we did then but I remember her grandmother calling and telling her it was time to go to sleep so we just turned out the lights and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up Bonnie was gone. I thought she was in the bathroom taking a shower but I found her in her room picking out clothes to wear for the day. I was shocked to see that she still had the diaper on. When she saw me she smiled, lifted the front of her nightie to show me that she still had it on and asked if I still had mine on. When I nodded ”yes“ she giggled and told me that she had gone ”tinkle“ in the one she had on. I asked her why and she sort of shrugged her shoulders and said that she wanted to know what I had to go through every night. I thought she was crazy but that was Bonnie... always pushing the envelope and... always wanting to know just how people with problems coped with them. BTW: She never (to my knowledge) wore one again.

I asked her mother how she knew and she told me that Bonnie had once told her that she wanted to do it but wasn’t sure that I’d go along with it. Then, in a casual conversation Bonnie commented to her that it must really be tough to be wet every night. With that comment her mother was sure that she’d done what she said she was going to do.

The funeral was tough because I kept thinking of all the times I’d thought about reconnecting with her and hadn’t. Seeing her at the funeral parlor was also tough because the diabetes had really been tough on her in her last years. The thing that brought me to tears was seeing a pendant on her that I’d given her when I left home. We’d exchanged gifts that day and I have no idea where the ring she gave me disappeared to. I felt like such a fraud as a friend.

On Sunday, I got a call from her mother asking me to stop by the house before I left to come back here. When I got there her mother asked me to go up to Bonnie’s room and to pick something of hers out to bring back with me. That brought me to more tears. I took a ceramic doll decorated as a ballerina. At one time we both professed that we’d like to be dancers. Those were happy times and I thought the doll would remind me of that.

It’s been a tough week. I just haven’t felt like myself. I really haven’t done much in the way of self peeing although I stop by here for a few minutes each day. Today was the most in a week. I came home at lunchtime and proceeded to pick the dead blossoms off the flowers in my garden instead of going inside and using the toilet. When the first dribble started I didn’t resist. Normally, I don’t like pee running down my legs but today I rather enjoyed it. I guess that’s a sign I’m feeling better.

Bonnie... remembered

Bonnie... remembered

Whew... this is hard... It was the following Winter at Christmas. I was in a bad mood (I’d just probably embarrassed myself) and was complaining about my “life”. I made some comment about how lucky Bonnie was that she didn’t have to worry about wetting herself and being embarrassed. My mother, hearing that, came and got me and marched me right into the kitchen, sitting me down at the table. She proceeded to lecture me about knowing what i was talking about before opening my mouth. I had no idea where she was going with this. Then she sat down, right in front of me, and looking straight into my eyes said the words I’ll never forget... “Bonnie has diabetes, something she’ll NEVER get over and you think she’s lucky?” At 14, diabetes doesn’t really mean much unless you have it or someone close to you does. So, I sat and listened to my mother sort of explain it. All the while I’m looking right into my mother’s eyes. Any time I tried to look away she grabbed me by the chin and turned my head back. We were there for probably close to a half hour. When she finally let me up she told me she wanted me to go to the library, look up diabetes, and then write a paper on all the reasons that I don’t ever want to have it. Of course I did but, more than what I learned writing the paper was that it made me relize that in the time that I’d known Bonnie I’d never heard her complain about anything... at all.

I asked my mother how she knew and she told me that Bonnie’s mother had told her soon after they met. Then she shocked me by telling me that Bonnie’s mother knew about my incontinence. That sort of made me mad because I tried so hard to hide my problem. My mother told me that Bonnie’s mother was a school nurse and was very familiar with situations like mine. Plus, she said she told her so that if I did have an “accident” in her presence it wouldn’t be a shock. It didn’t make me feel any better though.

We were going to do some last minute Christmas shopping and my mother suggested that we call Bonnie to see if she wanted to go with us. Bonnie lived in the same town where we were going to do our shopping so it wouldn’t be a “stretch“ to include her. The problem with shopping for me was in not knowing just where to find public toilets. I absolutely refused to wear a diaper out in public so what my mother had devised was to have me wear a couple of sanitary pads under two pair of heavy ribbed cotton panties. Then I’d wear a pair of plastic panties over the whole mess. I know it sounds a little much but after trying it a few times I accepted it over the alternatives of not going or embarrasing myself. My mother called it my ”package“.

Bonnie accepted the offer and what was interesting was that it was the first time we’d ever gone anywhere together other than to each others homes. I just wouldn’t go out in public (other than to school) unless I (or my mother) knew just where the toilets were located. Early on in our shopping I got lucky and found toilets in time. Then Bonnie asked if we could go to an agricultural supply store so she could buy her father a tool that he wanted. We ended up spending a lot of time there and they didn’t have public restrooms. I remember giving my mother one of those ”what do I do now?“ looks and having her shrug her shoulders. Thankfully, the ”package“ worked. The real problem was that I hadn’t brought any spares so I told Bonnie that we had to go home. Back at her house my mother happened to mention to Bonnie’s mother what had happened and, she, not really thinking, just blurted out that I could wear Bonnie’s panties home. I was mortified. I ran out of the house and to the car. I just sat there crying and when I heard the car door open I thought it was my mother. It wasn’t. It was Bonnie.

Long story short... Bonnie got in the car and told me she knew all about my ”problem“ and she said she thought I was ”courageous“ to be going to school and doing all that I did while coping with it. It took a bit of time for what she said to sink in and when it did I couldn’t believe that she’d said it. I’d been told by two different doctors that when I was fully grown that there was a procedure that could/would help me. At least I had that to look forward to. Bonnie, on the other hand, had to live with her problem the rest of her life and even how long that would be was in question. I ended up hugging her and starting to cry all over again. That day and that situation bonded us for what I’d hoped would be our lifetimes together. Unfortunately, that bond is broken and now I’m heartbroken.

I know this is way too long. I just got caught up in the memories of a wonderful person. I’m sorry...

Sad news... Bonnie

I got a telephone call early this morning that an old childhood friend had died. I'm sad in many ways... the fact that I hadn't kept up with her over the past few years is one but the fact that she was a very courageous woman who I admired so much is now gone is a bigger reason.

I was awake, lying in bed telling myself to get up and use the toilet. As much as I like to be wet, I don't like being wet in bed (or having a wet bed) so I have multiple alarms set to wake me up periodically during the night. The one that had just gone off was at 6am. I reached over for the portable phone that I keep by the side of my bed and all it did was "beep", telling me that the battery was dead. No one calls me that early in the morning unless it's bad news so I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to the kitchen to grab the wall phone. It was my mother. I don't know why she thought she had to tell me at that hour of the morning but she did. So I'm standing there and all of a sudden I feel warmth in my crotch. (It's funny but when I get up out of bed if I don't get to the toilet immediately I start to pee. It must have something to do with being vertical. During the day I get a bit of a warning in that I'll dribble a little first and then have maybe a minute to find a toilet.) I know enough about myself to know that it was best to just stand ther and let it all puddle on the linoleum floor than to leave a trail down the hall and then find that I'm empty when I sit on the toilet. So, I'm listening to my mother standing in a pool of pee and slowly focusing on the loss of my friend. The full meaning of the loss didn't take place immediately. I was washing up when I started to cry and I don't cry very often. Memories of Bonnie came rushing back. I decided that I was going to write them down as sort of a memorial to her. As some of them did involve pee I've decided to write about them here on my blog at EP. I hope you enjoy them.

I met Bonnie when I was around 13. It wasn't long after my incontinence problem started... maybe six or so months. She was about a year older that I was. My father had changed jobs and met her father at the new job and they became good friends. After a while our families met. I was (and still am, to a degree) a "goody two shoes" and it was obvious that Bonnie was a risk taker right from the begining. One of her first visits to my house was for an afternoon of swimming and an evening cookout. After we ate we ended up walking the beach to collect shells. I knew the best place for that was a ways down the beach. It was in front of this big estate. All the kids in my neighborhood (including me) believed that the people who owned it had dogs patrol the grounds to keep people (kids) off. Some of them had dared to climb the stairs from the beach to peek at the house but not me. Bonnie was intrigued by the size of the place and insisted that she wanted to see what the house and grounds looked like. She went bounding up the stairs and I, reluctantly, followed.

Now this was after we'd collected a bucket of shells and it was now getting dark. At that time in my life I needed to use the toilet about every hour or I would wet myself. I hadn't put my watch on after we'd finished swimming so I really didn't know how long we'd been gone from my house. As I climbed the stairs I felt something on my inner thighs. I was "leaking" and I knew that I'd be peeing very soon. It was at least a five minute walk to my house from there so I knew I was going to embarrass myself in front of my (fairly) new friend. By the time I reached the top of the stairs Bonnie was nowhere in sight. There was an in ground pool and a pool house right there. I quietly called her name and I heard her call back from behind the pool house. I walked towards it and then found myself flooding my panties and shorts. As I did I was thankful that she couldn't see me. When I stopped I slowly walked around the back of the building and saw Bonnie standing on the terraced steps of the pool in water over her knees. The gate into the pool area was open and Bonnie was waving me to come and join her. I stood there for a second and watched as she continued to wade into the pool. It took me a few seconds to realize that if I joined her she wouldn't know that I'd just wet my pants. She was dog paddling to the other end of the pool when I waded in after her so she never saw that I was wet.

We stayed in the water for maybe ten minutes and were just about to climb out. It was just about dark and all of a sudden the in pool lights came on, scaring the daylights out of us. Bonnie let out a yelp and sort of jumped when they did. I know my heart was racing thinking that we'd been caught. We hustled ourselves out of the pool and down the stairs back to the beach, neither of us saying a word. We were in sight of my house when Bonnie asked me if I'd ever peed in a pool. It was a question out of the blue. I never had and told her so. She laughed and said that when the lights came on it scared her so much that she peed. I laughed but not so much at her but at the fact that I had peed outside the pool.

Back at my house she was worried that her mother would be upset with her because her clothes were wet and they still had to ride home in the car. As we walked around the house I could see our fathers working at something at the dining room table and our mothers were in the kitchen exchanging recipes. Even though Bonnie was a bit bigger than I was I was sure I had clothes that would fit her. Our back porch was dark so we both slipped out of our tops and shorts and ran upstairs to my room in just our underwear. I wasn't allowed to wear a bra at 13 (not that I needed one) so Bonnie decided to leave her wet one on saying it was almost dry. She picked out a pair of shorts that were similar in color to the ones she'd been wearing and a top. All I had for panties at that time were heavy ribbed cotton ones that I wore to catch dribbles. I was afraid she'd make fun of them but she didn't say a word. She was wearing nylon bikinis and I was so jealous. I thought she'd take all the clothes and go into the bathroom to change but she just stripped off her panties and got dressed right in front of me. I didn't. I went into the bathroom. I fully expected her to tease me about that but she didn't. We went back downstairs and watched TV until her parents decided to leave.

I remember lying in bed being somewhat envious of her daring nature. But most of all I remember liking her because she didn't tease me like some of the kids I knew did.

More to come...

Final... Nashville

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Still more Nashville...

I love to observe people in public. Like I said, I have an obsession for looking for people, especially women, who may have wet themselves. It's very rare to find one let alone see it happen almost in front of you Like at the Wid Horse. With such good fortune I certainly didn't expect to observe another one on this trip. But Tuesday morning, at the airport, I got my second "thrill". Between my parents, cousin, and myself, we were on three different flights. Even though mine was almost 4 hours after the earliest one (my parents) I decided I'd had enough with touristy stuff and decided to wait it out at the airport. I'd started a good book and was satisfied to sit and wait. But, much to my surprise I found that I couldn't check my bag. They won't let you do it more than four hours prior to your flight. I was 15 minutes early! Sheesh... So I took my bag and stood just inside the dorway and went on a "people watch". It was fairly boring with a mix of undistinguished people. I looked at my watch and saw I had another five minutes to wait when this young woman walked through the door and stopped about 10 feet away from me. To me it looked like she didn't know where to go. But, as is my usual custom, I checked out her "bottom". Voila! She was wearing white jeans and, looking at her crotch area there was almost a perfect heart shaped stain... yellow, of course. It wasn't all that big. When she finally started moving towards the check in line I noticed that it was hard to discern the stain when she was walking. The most vivid thing to me was the heart shape of the stain. I had to wait a few more minutes to finally check my bag but I was hoping to catch up with her in the security line but I didn't. Even so, having two sightings in such a short period of time was exciting and was certainly the "icing on the cake" for the trip.

More Nashville...

As I said, the purpose of going to Nashville was so my folks, especially my father, could go to the Grand Ole Opry. We had tickets for both Friday and Saturday night but what was really the highlight for him was going to a Bluegrass concert at The Ryman Auditorium on Thursday night. We went there on Wednesday afternoon to do a tour of the facilities just so we could say were went there. But during the month of July they have a series of Blugrass concerts on Thursday nights and I just had to buy tickets. We ended up in the 8th row off to the left side as you face the stage. As we walked into our seats my father recognized a man in the row behind us. It was the famous Tom T. Hall who had many country hits back in the 60's and 70's. He wrote one of my father's favorite songs so my father was like a little kid seeing his "hero". My father ended up actually talking with him and asked him about the idea for the song. He said it was an actaul person with the name changed and that the guy he wrote about was his childhood hero and had actually taught him how to play the guitar. It was so fun seeing my Dad so excited.

When we were young my cousin used to spend a month at my grandparents house every Summer and I'd be there with her for about a week. That ended when her parents moved to California. It was the Summer that I got sick and was the begining of my wetting problem. After that I'd only get to see her about every three or so years. When she said she wanted to join me in this celebration I wasn't so sure about it being a good idea. As it turned out I'm glad she was there. At least we found out some interesting things about each other and since we're close in age, had some common interests to talk about. The hardest part was in not being able to wet. I actually went for six days and I can't remember the last time I went that long being totally dry. I could've done some shower wetting but I used the "accidentally knocking my panties into the wet tub" excuse the first night we were there.

There's one really good thing about travelling to places where there are a lot of people... there are plenty of chances to observe other people and the never ending chance I might see someone in wet pants. On Friday night we went to The Wild horse Saloon. My mother used to line dance and they do a lot of it there so that's why we went. It was nice seeing her have fun especially after seeing my father's excitement the night before. My cousin and I sat on a bench and watched. There were four women on the floor for each man. There were two women who had imbibed a bit and they were laughing at each other more than dancing. I started watching them and I don't know how one of them ended up on the floor but she was laughing so I knew she wasn't hurt. When she tried to get up the seat of her jeans had a very different color than the rest of them. It excited me to see it but it was my cousin who surprised me by pointing it out. I think I said something like I was glad it wasn't me. Then she proceeded to tell me of the time she'd wet herself on a school trip. What I had a hard time accepting was that we were sitting on the side of a dance floor with probably 200 people on it as she was describing it to me. Like I said in the first part of this blog... sometimes she can be a little weird.

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Six days in Nashville...

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